Marathon Micro Motor Handpiece N7S S04 Motor

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Dental Marathon Handpiece N7S S04 Micro Motor


1. Tool exchange method using cam (twist the handle counter-clock wise to change the bur and can be easily restored back to the original position)
2. Non stage speed system(it's well designed to output from zero to 35,000rpm by using non stage speed system)
3. Right & Left turning ability
4. Foot ON/OFF switch system (Variable Control system using foot )
5. Protective plastic cover
6. Continuous variable speed control
7. Powerful control box at the dental N7S micro motor
8. Forward & reverse switch (Right/Left)
9. Easy change of the driving direction for efficiency
10. No heat after long hours of operation by effective electrical design
11. Powerful torque and continuously variable speed control


Electric Power: 110v or 220v
Handpiece: MARATHON SDE-H37L
Speed: 0 - 35,000 R.P.M
Collet size: 2.35mm or 3.0mm
Weight: 2.5KG
Bur size :2.35mm
Power Supply voltage:220V/50Hz±10% 110V/60Hz±10%

Package With
Control box x 1
SDE-H37L1 (35,000rpm) Handpiece x 1
On/Off Switch Foot Pedal x 1
Operation Manual x 1

Marathon Micro Motor Handpiece N7S S04 Motor


Marathon Micro Motor Handpiece N7S S04 Motor


Marathon Micro Motor Handpiece N7S S04 Motor

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