Large Capacity Cleaner

A dental ultrasonic cleaner is necessary to have in your dentistry clinic in order to clean your handpiece and other instruments to make sure that they are sterile and work properly.Now, if you need a large capacity cleaner, you probably can count on the 0yodental store that sells so many dentistry products for professional dentists.Our large capacity cleaner is made of the highest quality material and it is very durable. Some of our best large capacity cleaners are JeKen® 30L Large Capacity Ultrasonic Cleaner PS-100 with Timer & Heater,YJ® 30L Large Capacity Dental Ultrasonic Cleaner YJ25-12DT, JeKen® 15L Large Capacity Dental Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner PS-60A with Timer & Heater, and much more.

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