Endodontic Motor

Endodontic Motor is the main tool to faster the treatment of shaping. There are four generations of motors.They are the first generation without torque control, the second generation with torque limiter, the third generation with simple torque control, and the last generation is with apex locator and torque control.

The endodontic motor is only used for the endodontic case. How to deal with this kind of case is very challenging. The most used endo motor is Nickel-Titanium files(NiTi). What to offer in this kind of thing is the programmable settings. It also has an automatic reverse function. It is to reduce the risk of breakage and integrated apex locations.

Endodontic motor which is made by NiTi has many benefits. They are saving time, less fatigue, less post-op pain, and less of transportation of canals. However, each type of endo motor has its own benefits depends on its material.

Things to consider before buying the endo motor

1. Checking Rotation vs Reciprocation

There is not a right answer to choose the better one from both types. Studies have described that reciprocation is more effective than rotation. It is in the case of removing the root canal filling material. The recent endo motor products have reciprocation motion which keeps developing and innovating.

2. The Speed and Torque Control

Before you buy an endodontic motor, you need to find the one which offers a great flexibility speed and torque settings. Before you buy an endo motor, check its speed and torque control first.

3. Auto Menu

Having an endo motor which has an auto menu in its feature will help you a lot in endodontic practice. It also helps you to avoid the undesirable outcomes. Auto menu helps the operator to operate this tool easily. It is also used to avoid the missing step of using it.

4. Compatible

Although all endomotors are compatible with the older generation files, you still have to concern its function. Make sure it is suitable for ProTaper, Hero Shaper, Mtwo, and others. It is not a doubt when someday we will find the endo motor which has a better function and compatibility and it is not only for the older generation files. All your worries disappear if you can have the modern endomotor which helps you to pass the time.

5. Battery

This is an important aspect to check before you buy any electricity. Endomotor which has Li-ion batteries needs to charge often than NiMH batteries. Li-ion batteries also have a better memory effect. Having a longer life battery helps you to handle more patients and it is a good idea to work effectively. Check the maintenance of the battery for a better solution!

Endo Motor Products with Complete Feature

COXO C-Smart Root Canal Endo Motor for Endodontic Treatment with Contra Angle

This is a leading endodontic motor offer by us. At here, you will have some similar types of this product, but only this type which offers you the best price. It is $426.00 and you will get cheaper if you buy more than five. You have to choose the European plug or USA plug when you make the order.The motor of this endo motor is originally from Switzerland. The wide LCD screen will help you to operate. They are 1:1 contra angle which you could adjust it. To protect the file, you can enjoy the auto reverse feature. CoXO C-Smart Root Canal Endo Motor is also could work with adaptor and battery. The battery is a high capacity Li-ion chargeable battery. The last favorite feature is its memory function and auto power off.

Do not forget to enjoy the warranty service from this manufacturer. 0y0dental.com always try to be the leader of dental equipment manufacturer which leads the customer's satisfaction. To know the customers comment about this product, you could read the customers review of this product.

YUSENDENT Endodontic Root Canal Treatment Motor C-SMART-III

This product has its own innovation which makes it different from another endo motor. YUSENDENT is tagged for $701.99. This is a treatment instrument that could assist the user to get a standard root canal. The treatment is based on the microelectronic technology and has a role in the intense working. Checking its warranty helps you to make a decision before you buy this product. YUSENDENT is a great brand and it sells widely through the world. However, you can get it easily online now!

Endodontic motor at 0y0dental.com offers the similar features of endo motor, but it has a simply elegant and private medical. It is easy to operate and completed by the connector design. As an initial user, there is not a big challenge on using this product because it is built in 14sets Niti File system. You also could set 5 sets programs. They have different speed and torque from 125 to 625. YUSENDENT has three models. They are Endo motor, apex locator, and automatically endo motor.

Fabulous feature from it is its arrival reserve with auto start and stop and auto apicals slow down. Even if there is not any electricity, you still could use it by its chargeable battery. The product becomes perfect by its auto power off feature and its memory function.

Whatever your endodontic motor, make sure it has a simple installing and the easy to operate and maintain. Checking the warranty and shipping fee help you to calculate your budget. Extra discount for buying in bulk may offer in certain website. To know the detail of the weight and warranty service, you could contact its manufacturer and make sure all your desire have provided by the manufacturer. Comparing the type and price are welcome. Endomotor is not only for dental community but also for the private dental clinic. All of the endo motors are portable. Therefore, before you keep using an endo motor, it is better for you to have an additional one. How about using a different model of it and compare them? Visit the worldwide online market to get the best price!