Dental Scaler

Dental equipment is too various to know, but there must be a good reason for you to know each of them and its function. In the dental clinic, you will see an equipment used for scaling and root planning. What is it? It is a dental scaler. Is it very important to have in a dental clinic? How is it work? You will find the answer to your curious here.

What is the Use of Dental Scaler?

Dental scaler reminds you to keep in your mind that whether you brush your teeth diligently, the plaque and stains are kept staying in your teeth. This equipment would help you to solve this plaque and stains problem. You may have it in the house too and use it between the time to you to visit the dentist. It does not have to be used by a professional. As a patient, you may have it and use it for your private need.

By using a dental scaler, if you use it correctly, there will not any stains and plaque. This equipment has a metallic end shape that works like a snow scraper. The motion of it also should be considered well in order to get the perfect result for your teeth. Do it regularly because the plaque and stains could be found again after you take a cup of coffee and smoke.

How to Clean a Dental Scaler?

After you finished using this tool, you do not have to brush it or clean it with the soap. All you have to do is using the disinfectant or sanitizer in the whole of its part including the mirror. Use the towel to make it dry and wrap it using a paper towel or cloth. Put it in the closed container for the next use. You do not need a special treatment for this tool. Just keep it dry and clean is enough to keep it in a good condition of use.

Things to Consider

Ultrasonic scaling is different from dental scaler. Extra training is needed if you would like to scale under the gum line. You are still suggested to meet the dentist every six months to clean your under gum line. If you have a serious problem with the plaque and stains, you should do the scaling in the dental clinic which may need an anesthesia.

Although there is not a side effect of using this tool often, you should be careful about using it in the rapid area. It takes more time to clean the whole part perfectly and you need special knowledge for it. Considering the material of it will make you get an easier step to sterilize it and maintain it in the suitable storage. Now the product could be found easily online and everyone could order it although he is not a professional in this major.

The New Product of Dental Scaler

VRN Dental Ultrasonic Scaler Handpiece, Compatible with EMS Woodpecker has a new dental scaler to offer named VRN Dental Ultrasonic Scaler Handpiece for $50.00. It has three versions. The cheapest one is the version no additional cost is HP-1 Sealed Handpiece. The second version is HP-2 Detachable Handpiece with $38.00 additional cost and the third version is HP-4 LED Detachable Handpiece with $58.00. This product has 12 months warranty with TT, Western Union, Moneygram, PayPal, and credit card payment methods. To buy in bulk, there will be a special price and reasonable shipping fee.

Woodpecker Dental Cavity Preparation Tips Compatible Satelec NSK Scaler SB1

This is a standard dental scaler offered by Available in $147.99, you will get 10 pieces of this tool. It has 12 months warranty with free shipping using DHL or FedEx. This site offers you the better price for more tools you bought. It is an Original Woodpecker with some specifications you should notice like it is durable and has a good quality, it has a scaling function, and it is compatible with Satelec, NSK, and Woodpecker.

A thing to notice when you buy in this website is the delivery time. The different of delivery time is based on the shipping service you choose and the destination. About the warranty, the website offers a year host warranty and six months warranty for the parts. If you have a problem with this product, you could contact this website or directly to the manufacturer.

HISHINE Non-Water Bottle Dental Ultrasonic Treatment Scaler EMC Compatible Veloce I

Are you looking for the ergonomic product? You should consider this product from It is effective to remove the tartar, plaque, and smoke dirt. The product is easy to use and it is used for scaling, periodontic, and endodontics. It has an automatic water supply mode so that it is good for the liquid medicine. You could use it with fiber or non-fiber and it is compatible with EMS Handpiece. It is one of the popular dental scaler. Grab it fast!

Some things make this product is different from another product are its efficiency and effectiveness. This product is powerful and needs less heating. However, some notifications should be awarded like do not use it directly to the skin, mucosa, and gingival. Make sure everything is in the good condition before you use it. The sterilization is done by autoclave only and you may not use the ultraviolet ray to sterilize it. When the foot switch is tapped, the tip will not vibrate. The touch panel design will help you to organize everything.

For the whole greatest specifications and features of this product, you only have to spend $285.99 to have this product as yours. Buying in bulk will give more benefits for you because it is cheaper than the retail. To know more about the warranty of this product, you can directly contact the manufacturer or ask about the detail of it to the website. The website offers the warranty for the host and the parts. To get the detail, check the warranty's service and get your money back if the product is not arrived to your destination.