Dental Handpiece

To smooth the restorative material and to move the tooth, the dentists need a special equipment called dental handpiece. Depending on its rotation, this equipment is divided into the low speed and the high-speed type. The power of it is an electric motor or turbine air. A thing that you have to notice is about its temperature. If it is overheating, it could damage the oral tissues.

The Synonym and Use of Dental Handpiece

Dental Handpiece is also known as a dental drill. Another name for it is the dental engine. Based on those names, it could be described that this tool is used to remove decay and it becomes the main tool to shape the teeth position in order to filling or crown. It could clean the tooth also clean and shape the root canal.

In this modern medical treatment, this tool takes a lead role in the dental treatment. Having a good shape of teeth is everyone desire in the modern age. Having this tool helps the dentists to shape your teeth easier. The use of this tool is not only in a teeth and mouth hospital, but the dental clinic also has it. Therefore, there is not a rule to order it because it sells widely online and could be used by anyone although theoretically, it needs special knowledge to use it.

Dental Handpiece Types

Dental handpiece has two major types. They are:

1. Low-speed dental handpiece. The speed of this type is around 80,000 rpm. It is operated by inbuilt water.

2. High-speed dental handpiece. The speed is more than 80,000 rpm. This is a popular type of handpiece used by the dentists because it could clean deeper and faster.

Things of Concern Before Selecting the Dental Handpiece

You should make sure these things before you decided to buy a dental handpiece.

- Is it safe to sterilize by autoclave?

- does it have a smooth and sleek design?

- what is the material of it?

The reason to consider those things is that if you need to make sure that the handpiece stays good after the long used and has a function to prevent the debris to build up. The good design helps the user to use it easily. In addition, the patients also feel comfortable with the design. The choice of material decides its quality too. Titanium has a better quality than the chrome plate. You should learn more about the strength and weakness of that both materials.

How to Extend the Life of Your Handpiece?

1. Do not wipe it with any disinfectant component because it could make corrosion and break the handpiece.

2. Apply the lubricant and make sure it is applied to the whole part of the handpiece.

3. The lubricant is only used for the drive air only.

4. Use the correct lubricant only.

5. Clean the chuck at least once a week to remove the debris.

6. Do not put it in an ultrasonic cleaner.

7. Clear the LED lens properly.

8. Let the handpiece cools down by itself. Do not try to cool it under the water in order to make it cool fast.

9. Read the manual book of it.

It is good if you follow the manual book for its maintenance and service. Expanding the life-use of this item means you save the dental clinic outcome. It gives a huge profit for your dental clinic. However, this tool could be ordered privately and anyone could have and order it online.

Tha Handpiece from Baola and VRN

Baola Dental Ultrasonic Scaler H2 EMS Compatible Handpiece

A handpiece from Baola which tagged for $157.99 is one of the customers favorite product. This kind of dental handpiece has aluminum alloy material with more comfortable handling. It is suitable for autoclave sterilization. It is suited to the traditional plastic material and it is ready with three optional colors. They are blue, green, and silver.

Baola is a product offered by Oyo Dental. To know about the warranty, shipping, and the payment method, you could visit All of the products are sealed and in a good condition. However, when you get the broken one, Oyo Dental will change it with the new one in same type and color, if the stock is available.

Baola Dental Ultrasonic Scaler H3 EMS Compatible Handpiece

It is a bit same as the previous description of Baola Dental Ultrasonic Scaler, what makes this type of Baola dental handpiece is different to the previous one is its feature of the unique patent. In due to its feature, this type is tagged for $165.99. It is more expensive than H2 EMS. Other things you may concern about this product are same as the H2 EMS type including the shipping and warranty.

You should put the color you love when you make your order or Oyo Dental will send the order randomly. The last step to make an order is by finishing the payment first and the product will be sent about 2-3 days after the payment.

VRN Dental Ultrasonic Scaler VRN-A Detachable Handpiece

VRN offers an affordable Dental Handpiece which cheaper than Baola handpiece. It is only $135.00 with an extra discount for bulk order. You may check it at Our Website. The function of VRN ultrasonic handpiece is to scaling and to period and this type is an automatic frequency tracking.

VRN offers an intelligent vibration technology. The cable is protected by anti-aging and anti-breaking material. It is completely safe for the user. The softer vibration from the modern technology inside makes the user gets the best experience. 0y0 Dental offers more types of VRN Handpiece. Please read carefully about its warranty and the payment method of it. If you are lucky, you could get extra discount, especially if you buy it in bulk.

Based on those three products, which one do you think is better? You should find a product with the bigger cost-effective and have a simple maintenance. Expanding the used time for this tool may help you to save more!