Dental Chair

The Dental Chair is a chair used by a dentist to examine his patients in order to support the patient's convenience and helps the dentist to work effectively. This chair is supported by the dental tool beside it in order to help the dentists on doing the examination and treatment of the patients.

Modern Dental Chair Standard

After having many changes in its model and size, the dental chair is divided into two types. They are portable and non-portable. The portable is a chair that could be carried by the dentists and it is usually used by a community.  The non-portable chair a chair that could not be moved and attached to the floor. It is very heavy and usually found in the dental clinic.

The Parts of Dental Chair

-  dental light. Its function is to illuminate the patient's oral cavity and in practice, it should not shine the patient's eyes. To adjust the density of light, it needs a barrier and it could be aluminum foil or plastic wrap.

- dental chair controls. It needs to control the use of the dental chair. It helps the chair to go up and down easily.

- cup holder. It helps the patient to take a water during the treatment. Having some water is needed when the patients uncomfortable with the blood during the dental procedure.

- spittoon bowl. It helps the patient to spit saliva in the middle of the dental process. The bowl is competed by the water supply to push the saliva.

- air water syringe. It is used to clean a tooth surface in a dental process of treatment.

- bracket table. It is to hold the hand instruments and another material.

- x rays viewer. It is needed in order to see the patient's x-ray result.

- foot control. It helps the dentist to control everything while his hands are engaged.

 The dental chair has its own standard and every country has its own criteria for this kind of chair. However, the general concept and meaning behind the dental chair are same in every country.

High Quality of Dental Chair


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R9 Dental Chair with Operating Unit, Built for Dental Implantation


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Everything is in a modern touch, so if you would like to ask the patients to spit out easily, yo only have to press the ket and the LED operating light will be shut down and the flushing will be opened.  How about the exit position key? It helps the patient to entry and out the dental chair easily. It has a timely reminder and the comfortable assistant element. The more awesome feature is its LED operating light which has three axes and provide the unlimited positioning, it has a flexible light intensity settings with auto on and off function. The control panel or foot control also help you to control the light. To help you have a better image of the patients’ oral area, you can use one of the clear intraoral images.


This product is more than modern and elegant in its design, but it is also ergonomics. The patients will get the comfortable sensation when they sit on the chair because there is an imitation leather on it which must be soft and dynamic. The patients get a relaxing time during the treatment with the thin backrest. It is suitable for any leg movement. you could change the bottle anytime you desire, so this equipment really helps you to have a hygiene treatment and service to your patients. However, the most important aspect of this chair is its safety. It is completely safe because it has an interlock system, safety ket to stop everything which you could use in the emergency case, and chair back and base stop switch. There must be not any regret to you if you choose this equipment because this is one of the top brand equipment which has top brand components. As its manufacturer. We always try to give you everything best and one of it is the equipment. Are you ready to know the whole elegant style of this dental chair? You should be ready on seeing its colorful option. If you need it in your private dental clinic, why don’t you try to have something cute and anti-mainstream?