The Special Price of Brushless Micro Motor

We are at 0y0dental offers you many kinds of dental equipment that you could buy in retail or bulk. One of the dental equipment we have is Brushless Micro Motor. We have ten types of it and one of its types is the sale product. COXO which its original price is $999.00 now is only around $500.00. Are you interesting in it? Let us check its features and specifications.

COXO LED Micromotor Electric Brush helps you to make your job efficient, accurate, and perfect. It is portable because of its mini size. The speed is range from 1,000-2,000 rpm. It is handy because of its mini size and the most important aspect is the motor can be sterilized easily. In medical care and treatment, everything sterile is needed to keep the patients safe from the hazard things.

It is free shipping and there are some accessories in its packages like the control box, Brushless Micro Motor, motor cord, and the power adaptor. The sterilization is used autoclave in less than 150 degrees of temperature. We also offer you the free shipping service including the warranty. Just like another product, we offer 6 months warranties for parts and 12 months for the host. Our service centers are spread out around the world including Asia.

Brushless Micro Motor

If you have a problem with the products you do not need to confuse and frustrated because we cover it all. Even the products with the low price, we handle it same as the expensive products. It is not only for 0y0dental brand products but for the whole products. Are you looking for a 0y0dental Brushless Micro Motor? Visit our page and browse the one you need. It is better for you to find it by yourself and see the image of it. After everything is fine and you suit the type of it, you could contact us and take your time to deal the purchase. We accept credit card and Pay Pal.

We appreciate your order whether it is in small quantity or in bulk. We always lead our customer’s satisfaction. You also could visit for more various type and brands of the Brushless Micro Motor. This website has more than ten options for you. This is not a simple stuff to operate, but our products are the easy one. Therefore, you could find our warranties and term condition on our web page.

Brushless Dental Micro Motor

Most of our products are made in Switzerland. We ensure our product is under tight control and we package it in a protected package. We use FedEx and DHL as our partner of shipping. It takes 2-5 business days to deliver your order. We give your full money back if you do not accept your order. We will not make you disappointed. Therefore, if you need any kind of dental equipment, let us help you with it. Even the full stuff of it is available to decorate your dental clinic. Leave your message and question now and we are ready to be your best partner of dental equipment series.