Being® Lotus Large Fiber Optic Handpiece KAVO Compatible 302PBQ

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Being® Lotus 302PBQ Large Fiber Optic Handpiece KAVO Compatible

  • Specification

    Model: Lotus 302PBQ, KAVO Compatible, without coupler
    Description: Push button type fibre optic high speed handpiece, triple water spray, anti-retraction system

    Air Pressure at the back of HP: 206~231 KPa (2.1~2.35 kgf/cm2)
    Air Pressure at the gauge in the dental unit: 240-294 KPa (2.45-3.0 kgf/cm2)
    Water Pressure: 198Kpa (2 kg)
    Rotation Speed: 300,000-320,000 rpm
    Head Hight of Being dental handpiece: 13.02 mm
    Head Diametre: φ12.5 mm
    Chuck Type: Push Button
    Bur Applicable: φ1.59mm~φ1.6mm×21mm~23mm (diameter×length)
    Noise: ≤70dB
    Intensiy of light: 25000 lx
    Source of light: Haloid bulb
    Volt of bulb: 3.0~3.2 V
    Safety Classification: B type application part



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