Being® LED Rose 4000 Micro Brushless Electric Motor

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Being® Rose 4000 Micro Brushless Electric Motor with LED


Rose 4000 has been designed to minimize the weight and heat of the micromotor to improve the balance between the instrument and the engine in the practitioner's hand, reducing fatigue during long-term care.

This engine is compatible with all contra angles and straight nose handpieces with internal spray and light.


Micromotor Being® Rose 4000 (cable not included)
Brushless internal spray
Type E connection to ISO 3964
LED bulb built into the micromotor


Speed 2 000-40 000 rev / min
Voltage: 24V AC / DC
Dimensions: 136 mm × Φ22
Weight: 120 g
Power: 30 W
Super Torque, low noise, heat minimized.



Engine *1
Other accessories



Being® LED Rose 4000 Micro Brushless Electric Motor


Being® LED Rose 4000 Micro Brushless Electric Motor


Being® LED Rose 4000 Micro Brushless Electric Motor


Being® LED Rose 4000 Micro Brushless Electric Motor




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